Car Title Loans

Title Loans in Lee's Summit, MO

When you need it, it's usually hard to come by, unless you know where to look. We're talking about money, which is something most people need more of sometimes. When cash is what you're after, don't waste time searching for it. Just look into car title loans in Lee's Summit, and get it quickly and easily.

What are Lee's Summit Title Loans?

Title loans Lee's Summit are your opportunity to get money faster and easier than you've probably ever gotten it before. If you have a car, truck or other vehicle you can put up as collateral, a title lender is ready and waiting to make you an offer.

Title loans are built around the collateral provided by the borrower, which is always a vehicle. Loan amounts are based on the value of the vehicle, which allows lenders to easily determine how much money you can get. After applying, you just turn over the title certificate to the lender, and you'll get it back when you pay off the loan.

If your credit isn't that great, don't let that keep you from applying for an auto title loan in Lee's Summit because there is no credit check. Lenders willingly make loans to people with all types of credit, regardless of what their FICO score is, because the client is just as invested in the loan as the lender. The borrower does not want to lose the vehicle they're pledged to get the loan, so they are very likely to make payments.

So, if you're ready to apply for a loan, here's what you need. The vehicle, of course, is the main requirement, and it needs to be owned by the applicant. You also need to be old enough, which is 18, and you need a job or another source of income.

Title Loan Application

When you meet all the qualifications for title loans Lee's Summit, applying for the loan is merely a formality. We've made it simple for you by limiting the questions to a few items about your vehicle so we can assess its value. That's how we know how much money to offer you, which we'll do as soon as you submit the application. Just think: in less than five minutes, you can complete the application, get it to us and get your loan offer.

If you like it, which we're positive you will, we can start loan processing immediately. Answering your questions, getting answers to any we have and finalizing all the loan specifics won't take long, and you'll probably get your money the same day you apply for the loan.

Legal Regulations

  • Loan terms last 30 days, but loans can be renewed for additional time.
  • Borrowers have the right to cancel their loan within one day without a monetary penalty.
  • Lenders are allowed to charge up front and other loan fees.
  • Before repossessing a vehicle, the lender must notify the borrower at least 20 days in advance. During this 20 day period, the borrower can avoid repossession by bringing the account current.
  • Before selling a repossessed vehicle, the lender must notify the borrower 10 days in advance. During this 10 day period, the borrower can pay off the loan to keep their vehicle.
  • Money made from vehicles that are sold goes to satisfy the outstanding loan balance and any costs owed to the lender. Any surplus money will go to the borrower. If not enough money is made on the sale to cover the loan debt, the lender can pursue a deficiency balance from the borrower.


  1. You get the money you need quickly. How many other loans or types of funding offer people the chance to get cash in a matter of hours? Even when there are other options for fast cash, car title loans in Kansas City and Lee's Summit are typically the fastest and easiest way. Applications only include a few questions, and processing doesn't take long at all.
  2. You don't have to wade through the more complex process of a bank loan. Applications for those are much longer, and you'll probably be asked for documents about your employment, income and bank accounts. Having your credit check is a guarantee. If your score isn't high enough or your report clean enough, having your loan application denied is probably guaranteed as well.
  3. Title loans come out on top when compared to getting money from a pawn shop. You put up a car, and get cash with a title loan. With a pawn shop, you have to gather a bunch of valuables, and lug them down to the pawnbroker. Then, wait for each one to be assessed a value. You'll be offered some cash, and if you accept, all your things are locked away at the pawn shop until you pay back the money. That's a lot of hassle for cash when you can just apply online for a title loan and get your money the same day.
  4. Loan approval without a credit check is plus for any applicant, but it's a huge bonus for those with bad credit. Imagine having a low credit score and constantly being told no when you try to get a loan. You won't ever have that issue with title lenders. We know that a credit history doesn't have to predict your credit future, and we believe people deserve a second chance. Whatever is in your credit report will stay there because it has no impact on your title loan application.
  5. We understand that financial hiccups happen even after you've taken steps to get back on track. So, if you have trouble making payments, let us know right away, and we can renew the loan so you have additional time to pay back the loan.
  6. We let you keep your car. The title paper is good enough for us, so you keep driving.

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