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Title Loans in Shawnee, KS

It's not often a town gets named by Money magazine as one of the best places to live in America, but if you live in Shawnee, you do, indeed know. This quaint mid-sized town in Kansas offers plenty. It's a place that boasts great schools, friendly people, and plenty of business and work opportunities, including for those who'd like to start their own businesses.

And while traditional financing for these types of businesses does exist, plenty of would-be business owners also seek out alternative financing, including title loans in Shawnee. Any why not? These savvy business professionals need to move at the speed of opportunity. Auto title loans in Shawnee allow them to do that and so much more.

Chances are if you're familiar at all with title loans, you immediately thought back to a time when you or someone you knew used title loans to make ends meet toward the end of the month. Or maybe the issue was bill consolidation... or more specifically, auto title loans in Shawnee were used to consolidate a bunch of small bills into one payment.

Or maybe, just maybe, you knew someone who used vehicle title loans in Shawnee to fund a vacation. Shhhh!

Except there's really no need for the shushing, truthfully. You can and should use title loans in Shawnee for anything you need them for, including a little R and R. Title loans, because they are collateral loans, come with way more flexibility than other types of loans do. If you've landed on this page, chances are good that you could use a little financial help right about now.

Why not read on to learn more about our title loans and how we can help you!

Shawnee Title Loans: How to Apply With Us

Getting a loan used to be a whole lot more complicated than it is now. And for those still going through a bank to get a loan or line of credit, that still may be true. In the past, you would have been asked to come and sit in the bank's lobby for sometimes an hour or more, usually forcing you to give up your lunch break in order to apply for the loan.

The paperwork would be long and drawn out. You'd have to wait for days sometimes to find out if you'd been approved for the loan.

Not so with our title loans. You can fill out the application for the loan right here. Yep. Online. You don't even need to leave our site. The process only takes a couple of minutes. We don't even need to know that much about you.

Here's what we'll ask about:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your zip code
  • The make/ model of your vehicle
  • The mileage on your car
  • The year it was made

That's it.

Once that information gets sent over to us - you just need to hit the handy "submit" button - we'll send you back a loan estimate. That will give you an idea about how much money we can loan to you at this time.

We won't look at your credit at all. The loan quote will be based on the value of your car.

Following that, we ask that you wait for a bit. Someone from the local office will be wanting to chat with you. That loan rep will give you a ring shortly after your quote goes out. That's the time to be asking questions about how title loans work.

However, we do get some similar questions in most all of our interactions with our customers. That being the case, we do want to put your mind at ease about a few things before you talk to the loan representative.

First, as we mentioned, we don't require you to have good credit. Rather, title loans require you to use your car or truck's title for security for the loan. This is a deviation from how people get loans from a bank or a credit union. In the latter case, you need excellent credit in order to get the loan. In other words, if you've had any kind of ding on your credit at all, you're probably not going to be approved for a signature loan. (That's what this kind of loan is called.)

That system has many drawbacks, of course, including but limited to, you being unable to borrow money if you need it. There's also the Catch-22 factor, meaning that if you do have bad credit and you want to rebuild it, you really can't. You need credit to have and get credit. The only way to have credit is to pay off something like a loan.

That's really where Kansas City title loans can help. Many of our clients have had financial downturns and we have been able to help them. These people have experienced things like long illnesses, job losses, and even bankruptcy. Many of these same people have even repaired a bad credit score, in part because they worked with us. Paying back a title loan is good for your credit.

The other question we get asked a lot is "When can I expect my money?" The answer to that is "Often the same day, but at the latest, the next day."

See? It's really very easy to get cash from us.

Title Loans in Shawnee: The Legal Stuff

Don't worry. It's not the kind of legal stuff you're probably thinking or even the kind of legalese you've come to expect.

Essentially, we have state and federal lawmakers who create laws pertaining to the disbursement of title loans. These rules and regulations guide us, the title-loan companies. While that sounds fairly abstract, it's not meant to be.

Basically, this is what you can expect from us (due to having these regulations in place):

You'll get a contract, which will tell you

  • Your total loan amount
  • The amount of interest you're being charged
  • When your final payment is due
  • Your payment dates
  • Any other pertinent information having to do with your loan.

And as always, you are welcome to contact us at any time to visit with us about your loan or your loan paperwork.

Final Thoughts on Title Loan Advantages

You already know the advantages of living in Shawnee.

Getting a title loan just make living here all the easier.

When you get a title loan, you can:

  • Use the money for whatever you want, including a vacation.
  • Rebuild your credit.
  • Apply right here via the form on our site.
  • Use your car or truck as collated for your loan.
  • Chat with a loan representative about your loan, including about when you'll get your money.
  • Find out in just a few minutes how much you've been approved for.

Why not apply today? That little business you've always dreamed about is just a step away.

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